P.A.T Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

Electrical appliance testing & certification of portable electrical appliances for landlords & businesses, at competitive rates.

P.A.T. testing involves the testing of all electrical equipment on your premises that connect to the mains supply with a removable plug. It covers items from electric kettles to computer servers – basically if it plugs in, it should be tested.

Electrical appliances are tested using equipment called P.A.T. Testers and various tests are performed on each and every appliance in turn. The tests performed depend on the construction of the appliance. They may incorporate 25A earth bond tests to ensure the continuity of the earth connection under fault conditions and/or insulation tests at 500V to ensure there is sufficient insulation between conductors.

Every appliance is labelled with an electrical test identifier and on conclusion of each site, a detailed report is generated itemising the tests performed on each appliance by identifier and location.

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