Volunteer to help The Furniture Project

Volunteers play an important and intrinsic part in the day to day operations of the Project.

They in return, gain from their experiences and involvement with others associated with the Project.

Our experience has been that volunteers gain considerable satisfaction from their efforts, whilst benefiting others in the community.

The Furniture Project is actively seeking to utilise the skills and experience brought to it by volunteers and we urgently need volunteers to help with a number of tasks, including staffing our new shop in Forest Road, New Ollerton. 
If you have a few hours, or the odd day a week, then please contact us Now!

We will pay you travel & lunch allowances and we think that you'll find it very rewarding. So come and join our friendly team, you'll be made most welcome.

There is little doubt that it is only with the help of people such as volunteers, that the Project is so successful and continues to grow.

Therefore, if you think that you may be able to contribute to the future success of the Project in any way and have a little time to spare, please get in touch with our manager James Kitchen:

Tel/Fax: 01623 836 410 or email: recycle@thefurnitureproject.net