Gift Aid

Say 'Yes' to Gift Aid when you make your donation and make it worth even more to us.

Gift AidFor every item that you donate to the Furniture Project, if you say 'Yes' to Gift Aid we will be able to claim an extra 25% of the proceeds of the sale of your item, from H M Revenue & Customs*, but at no extra cost to you!

Therefore, if you pay UK income tax, the next time that you donate any furniture or household goods to the Furniture Project, please ask our driver for a 'Gift aid Form'.

Just fill in your details, sign it and give it back to our driver. We'll then do the rest!

As the Furniture Project receives no funding from any outside organisation, Gift Aid plays an important part in helping the Project to continue to do its work. So please remember to Gift Aid every time you donate..

*Gift Aid applies to Uk Tax payers only and can only be claimed back after an item is sold & the proceeds of the sale donated to the Furniture Project.